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Exceptional Products

We have become a private brand in the field of five-star hotel lighting customization." ATTA Alto has focused on the customization of five-star high-end hotel lighting in the Chinese market for 13 years.
We have been focusing on custom made lighting services with a low profile. With hundreds of five-star hotels in our portfolio is the best example of our brand
Our custom high-end hotel lighting has been applied to hundreds of five-star hotels at home and abroad, including Las Vegas Wynn, Moscow, Lisle, W Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La, Sheraton, These are just some of the  Special well-known hotels,

Street Solar Lighting

We serve professional and consumer markets, transforming urban spaces, communities, work places, stadiums, hotel buildings, shopping malls petrol service stations and homes  . Our products, systems and services help our customers to maximize energy use, drive efficiencies and deliver new experiences and services.


Langham Hotel Guangzhou

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Galaxy Hotel Macau

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